A responsive website is a form of web design technique that makes a website adapt to the different screen sizes of the user’s device. The main purpose of a responsive website is to provide an optimal browsing experience for the user, regardless of the type of device from which the user is accessing the website.

If you’re looking for a responsive website design agency in and around Boston MA, we’d suggest you look wider than a mere Google search of website design and conduct proper research to select the best web design agency for you and your website. Read on to learn about 13 tips when researching creative agencies for your business.

Increases traffic

According to the latest Statista report for the second quarter of 2019, approximately 48.91% of traffic goes through mobile devices. Therefore, if you want to improve your business, it becomes more and more important to have a responsive mobile website that will fit all types of screens.

Profitable and less maintenance

A responsive website pays off as it reduces the investment and maintenance costs of creating a customized website for any device with different screen sizes. As you approach the responsive website, the responsive website becomes less cumbersome and helps to concentrate on the website for business improvisation.

Improves the user experience

A responsive website can help you improve the user experience. About 88% of users are unlikely to return to the site after a poor user experience. However, if the website is responsive, it can be viewed on any device and screen, so users can browse the site without any problems. Thus, the time spent by users on the website extends.

Lower Bounce Rate

If your site is slow and sloppy, you are more likely to lose your potential audience! However, if your site is responsive and compatible with all screen sizes, chances are high that the user will stay with your site for a long time, resulting in a low bounce rate.

Increase in the number of leads and conversions.

Higher user experience and lower bounce rates can increase the speed of the conversation. Unfortunately, it only serves its purpose in 50%. If the site is unresponsive and each time a user is redirected to the site of a specific device to access your services, the visitor may lose interest in the services. Having a responsive website can increase your leads and conversion rates.

Improves SEO rankings

In 2015, Google announced that a mobile friendly site could rank higher. Responsiveness reduces link building effort. Link building is considered one of the important factors for many SEO experts. Having two or more websites may result in less attention on the website and may confuse the user about the page being visited.

Increases conversion rate

When you switch from the mobile version to the responsive website, you have a better chance of increasing your revenue or the number of conversions from your ads. It makes simple business sense to increase your conversion rate or revenue by making your website responsive.

Higher Google rankings

Responsive web design means a higher position in the Google search engine. If you create your website so that it can be found on Google, you will get more traffic and potential customers will be your priority. This priority is essential for any small or large business owner.

Your customers are now mobile.

Odds are that if you provide your insights, you’ll see that already 20-30% of your customers are from mobile or tablet devices, and if you don’t offer them a convenient website, you’re losing customers. An additional benefit of responsive website design is that it allows you to stay in touch with your customers as well as interact with them at all possible events.

Save time and money

Maintaining one website with less content to process will be easier and less time for your customers. In addition, a single organizational interface can be easily optimized with workflow and layout tools to manage relevant content or website templates that are used across devices.

Google loves responsive websites

Despite the availability of search engines, Google is used by most people around the world. Consequently, most web entrepreneurs emphasize the performance of their Google SERP website to generate a solid income every week/month. Google cares a lot about its users. That is why he recommends responsive design to website owners.

Faster loading speed

Always remember that your visitors like to browse faster web pages so they can find the information they need quickly and easily. If your site is slow, it will be frustrating for them and they pile up on other similar sites. Responsive websites load fast on all devices and provide the best visitor experience.

Improved localized search results

Localized search results are of great value to companies and service providers in the customer support outsourcing industry. Keep in mind, however, that Google always prefers mobile-optimized and responsive websites when it needs to display localized search results in different geographic locations around the world. It can help you get more business opportunities from international clients and clients.


The number of smartphone users is growing day by day, as is business. You can’t just have a website that looks amazing on a desktop but doesn’t work well on a mobile screen. If you’re looking for a company to help you build responsive website design located near the Boston MA area, then we’d suggest you opt for Blue Bumble Creative, a local, responsive business instead of blindly searching on the web for website design near me.

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