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NILP—Northeast Independent Living Program

NILP turned to Blue Bumble Creative once again to design and develop their new Annual Report. They knew they wanted the final project to reflect the personality of their consumers and staff, and share the story of their progress. Once the English version was completed a Spanish version was developed.

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Welcome to Blue Bumble Creative and Marketing! One of the only FULL-SERVICE creative studios. Our skilled team is composed of experts to help you with any or ALL of your business needs, branding and marketing. Leave the stress of dealing with multiple vendors and join the team at Blue Bumble Creative for the very best in Branding and Marketing. We can help you DO. IT. ALL. and BEE it all.

The Hive Salon


What can we say, when our client reached out to us she asked for a BEE graphic for her logo. We were only too happy to help out. The salon also needed signage, shirts, business cards and so much more.

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Can you really DO. IT. ALL?

The answer is YES! Through our simple, easy, and time friendly system, we are able to onboard clients faster, communicate more efficiently, and provide all the services that you need. You aren’t our only client, but you will feel like you are!


We know first hand that this process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Simply fill out a few forms, meet with our expert team, and we will get down to business.


“I only want a logo. Why do I need a strategy?” We believe that strategy is a pivotal part of ANY and ALL projects that we undertake. This is where we research and game plan so we save your time, effort, and money. Now, who wouldn’t want that!?

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Whether you are here for a website, promotional materials, logo design & branding, development is our process of creating or planning your project.

Launch & Monitor

This phase is perhaps our favorite. It is where we get to see your project come to life and how your clients/customers interact with it. We will carefully watch all aspects to ensure the campaign is doing well or to let you know if your competition is starting to mimic you. We want you to be the leader of the pack!

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Our Services

Build a unique brand that generates a BUZZ with our team of graphic wizards, content savants, strategy ninjas, and digital masters.

Graphic Design

Business cards, logo design, letterheads, graphic design and printing, PowerPoint templates, pitch decks, web design, icons, social media posts, digital ads and so much more. Let us create powerful graphics that communicate your business.

Web Design/Development

UX/UI web design and development websites are ADA compliant, mobile responsive, and ready to do all the things your business needs it to.

Digital Advertising

Drive traffic to your business with digital advertising. We are a conversion-focused team so we won’t be selling impressions but working to build your funnel and bring you visitors that convert to customers.


Keep your brand ahead of the competition with cutting edge strategy that will help you keep going and growing. Just sit back and let us do the work for you.


Complete branding and web design packages to give you everything you need to create a clean and consistent visual image for your business.


Printing is a necessity for virtually all businesses. From business collateral to packaging, large format to signage, let us help spread your message by providing cost-effective, professional-quality printing services.

Mailing & Fulfilment

Direct mail still works and our team is the best at creating mailers your clients and potential clients actually want to see. We also have the ability to help you store and ship your products with our fulfillment capabilities.

Social Media Management

Create content that your clients actually want to see and increase engagement with our social media management team.

Content Writing

Content writing services like blogs, emails, website content, and more! Increase your SEO, reach your customers in a way that builds BUZZ, and stay relevant with our content writing team.


Create custom signage or banners for your vehicle, office, yard sale, kiosk, you name it—and in a multitude of materials that best suits your need.

Promotional Materials

T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, pens, banners, trade show displays and so much more. Create promotional materials your clients, employees, or customers are really excited to have!


Tell your brand’s story visually through a professionally-produced video. We can storyboard, script, and shoot your video for you then help you place it where it’ll get the most traction.

Market your business with our EXCLUSIVE D.E.E.P. system.

We are diving in D.E E.P. and meeting your potential clients where they are and walking with them through every step of the discovery process bringing you qualified leads ready for your business. D.E.E.P. Is the process of layering digital advertising, email advertising, and print via direct mail. Our system has helped customers increase their sales by 75%. 

Digital Advertising

Through a combination of digital advertising forms, we will target, monitor, and analyze your potential clients.


Working with your social platforms, blog, vlog, and other content outlets we will be talking about all the things your clients are seeing via digital ads, email, and print!


Using what we learned in our digital ads we will target potential clients with a relevant email they will actually want to read.


Using direct mail we will greet your potential customer right in their mailbox leaving them wondering how we just knew they needed your product or service.

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NILP—Northeast Independent Living Program


NILP turned to Blue Bumble Creative to design and develop their 2020 Annual Report.

They knew they wanted the final project to reflect the personality of their consumers and staff, and share the story of their progress.

Once the English version was completed a Spanish version was developed.

Marceau Plumbing & Heating

#LogoDesign #Apparel

When Marceau Plumbing and Heating decided to launch out on their own they turned to us to create a logo to use on their materials and create shirts for their team.

Jobs completed between 2020 & 2021

Satisfied Customers


5+ Year Customers

“The Blue Bumble Creative team expertly converted my vision into form. Their ability to develop and edit content, text, and imagery that delivers clear and precise messaging is unmatched by any other team I’ve used in the past. They are communicative, accessible, reliable, and timely, and I feel incredibly confident entrusting them with the creativity and marketing of my business. “

Kevin Curley, Owner, New England Tennis

“We have worked with Blue Bumble for years, largely because we enjoy our relationship with Laurie and her staff. They are terrific communicators, dedicated to taking care of their clients, and continue to have their client’s interest at heart. Above all, we have a level of trust in them that exceeds most client/vendor relationships. That trust is something that is not easy to build – that is why we appreciate Blue Bumble with each and every project that we are fortunate to work on with them!”

Gina Deschamps | Vice President Marketing Journeyman Press

“I have worked with the Blue Bumble team for over 16 years on many different projects and have found Blue Bumble to be very responsive and easy to work with. Projects have been completed on time and often in advance of need. Super people!”

Marcia McElroy, Marketing Coordinator, Western New England Region, Comcast

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