Your logo is the face of your business. Creating a logo design that can impact and convey the correct information is a creative process that requires artistic talent and technical knowledge. Branding & logo designing creates a professional image of the company, makes it stand out, and piques the interest of the target audience.

Here are some simple design techniques to help you create a logo that resonates with your customers. We’ll also see how to find the perfect logo creator for this task of yours.

Check out other logos

Before you start creating a logo concept, be sure to research your market thoroughly. Check the competitors’ logo design. However, remember that some of the best designs are the ones that avoid trends.

Know your target audience

Who does your company serve? Knowing your target audience is important to designing the right logo for your brand. Your design must be recognized by customers and resonate with them.

What is your message?

The logo is not just a brand image, it is a message for the target audience. Take a moment to find out what your logo should tell consumers. What do you want others to think of you? Do you want to appear cheerful or serious?

Keep it simple

Although this sounds like simple advice, it may be the most important rule in design. The simplicity makes the image easy to recognize, memorable, and versatile.

Be unique

A unique logo helps distinguish companies from their competitors. You want your logo to stand out among countless designs. Creating unique designs is more than avoiding imitation.

Know your brand

Although your logo is just an image, it is actually an introduction to your brand. The logo needs to connect with a specific audience that you need to consider when designing.

Color is the key

Color plays a vital role. It connects with the mood of the audience in a unique way, making it a powerful marketing tool when making decisions. According to some studies, 85% of buyers make decisions based solely on color, making logo creation even more important.

Choose your font carefully

Just as color conveys information, so does font. Typography can make or break a design. The best way is to keep it elegant, simple, and most importantly, keep it readable.

What’s in the name?

The ability to use the logo depends on the type of your company name. If your company has a unique name, you can choose a simpler logo. However, if you have a common name, then you need something to identify the company, and this can be achieved through a logo icon.

Avoid the temptation of “copying”

Needless to say, don’t copy, steal or borrow any designer’s work. Many times, some designers will simply copy an image, change some colors, and treat the work as their own. Although you may be inspired by someone’s work, the goal is to have a unique and original branding & logo designing strategy.

Size considerations

When it comes to logos, size is an important factor. Logos of all sizes must be attractive and legible. If you lose clarity when minimized for envelopes, letterheads, and other promotional items, the design becomes invalid.

Create balance

Balance is an important aspect of creating a logo design because our minds naturally tend to view balanced images as pleasing. Maintain image balance by keeping the “weight”, size, and color of the graphics the same on each side.

Don’t worry about effects

There are several graphic design programs available with many effects and filters that can be used in logos, but don’t be fascinated by them. Although you can look around to see if they improve your design, remember that simplicity is key.


A strong logo carries an implicit and obvious symbolism. To add the correct symbolic meaning to the design, first write ten words that highlight the main characteristics of the company. Then use these words and illustrate their meaning through illustrations, decorations, and typography.


The design must be applicable to make your design relevant to the industry you care about. Although your logo does not need to accurately represent your brand’s goods and services, it must be applicable to your business in some way. 

Multifunctional design

As a business changes and develops over time, you need a logo that can do this. If your design is focused on a niche market, then if your business expands beyond that niche, it will no longer be effective. 


A great logo can work in a variety of applications and media. You want it to be flexible enough so that no matter where you put it – websites, t-shirts, business cards, and wherever you want it – it looks perfect. Hiring the perfect logo design company can help you in this task.

Timeless Design

You want your design to last forever. For this reason, your design must be timeless. It should be something that can last 10 years, 20 years, or even 50 years. When designing a logo, choose a style that will never go out of style. 

Public Test

Once you have developed a design, it is very important to show it to different people and evaluate their reactions. What looks cool to you may look very different in the eyes of your target audience. Any useful feedback you receive can be included in the design. 


We hope this blog would have helped you in understanding how important an effective logo creation role plays in a business’ branding and marketing process, and how you can design such a logo. Creating a logo is more than just choosing a font and combining it with an image. If you’re looking to hire the perfect logo design company, visit our website, checkout our services, our portfolio and see if we at Blue Bumble Creative can be a fit for you. Visit our website now!