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Philips Rebrand Box

The story behind this project

There were a lot of components to this, so it was an interesting challenge for us. We never say no to a challenge: marketing materials, Ping-Pong, arm wrestling, water polo. We can do literally everything. Here’s the basic run down of what Philips needed: A fun communication of their rebrand across North America, in English and French, with the inclusion of their commemorative light bulb.

Our team of geniuses came up with the idea to create customized boxes that were sent to all Philips employees to communicate the rebrand. Within the boxes were the light bulb, a scratch ticket, a wallet card, and a content card. The scratch ticket required each employee to enter a code online for a chance to win a trip to Disney, thus allowing the team at Philips to confirm each employee reviewed the materials in the box. We designed all the materials, (with the exception of the light bulb), managed the project, printed, fulfilled, and distributed all the materials. Like we said, it was a lot of work, but we won a Davey Award for our outstanding efforts!

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