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Brickhouse Center Sports Grill Menus

Brickhouse Center Sports Grill Menus

The story behind this project

The Brickhouse Center Sports Grill is well known in and around the Chelmsford area, but great food and a large selection of beer on tap are only a few things that make the place great. Now, they’ve kicked it up a notch with new menus and a new website, courtesy of Blue Bumble.

The classic Brickhouse look on all of their past materials involved a brick wall pattern. We wanted to continue this so that there was something familiar on their updated branding. We made the wall more realistic vs. the drawing they were using and then we used it as a frame for the main content on both the menus and the website. We also cleaned up their old logo to look a little more modern on the new materials.

We didn’t stop at the designing and web coding though. We also printed all of the menus for them right here in-house. We used a stock called Synaps which can’t be ripped and is waterproof — perfect for use in a restaurant/bar atmosphere. Stop in the Brickhouse Center Sports Grill sometime and see for yourself!

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