Is your brand stale and in need of a rebirth? Is there a ‘wow’ factor missing from your marketing and promotional materials? Our team will take you from concept to completion when it comes to combining creativity and graphic design. 

We can produce eBooks, print and digital publications, as well as brochures, product catalogues, and vehicle graphics for your company’s fleet, regardless of size, scope, or media. We started our company in printing and design, and we continue to deliver results for organizations big and small that understand the significance of excellent graphic design promotional materials and smart distribution.

Designing a Logo

The core of a firm’s brand – the “face” of the company – is its logo. Allow us to design a brand that you will love and that your customers will remember. Blue Bumble’s unique blend of graphic design and branding knowledge guarantees a new logo that you’ll love, whether you need a completely new logo or just want to breathe fresh life into an existing concept.

We’ll collaborate closely with you to design a logo that portrays your firm as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dependable – but most importantly, accurately portrays your brand to your target customers.

Services for printing and mailing

Blue Bumble takes care of all the details so you can get your printing and mailing done on time. We’ll take care of everything, from high-resolution custom design through print product buying, quality control, and delivery, so you don’t have to!

Print collateral such as postcards, product catalogues, coupon books, and newsletters are also mailed by Blue Bumble. It’s all about getting your message into the hands of the right people at the right moment when it comes to effective mailing. If you want to get the most bang for your buck with your next direct mail campaign, Blue Bumble can help.

Customized Signage

Whether you want a banner to announce a future special event or professional LED signs to give your business a sense of permanence, Blue Bumble can guide you through the design, manufacturing, and installation procedures to find the ideal way to promote your storefront, event, or sale.

With signs & banners from Blue Bumble, you’ll get personalized attention, professional graphic designs, competitive prices, and uncompromised quality assurance.

Branded Apparel & Promotional Materials

We provide our customers with high-quality items and excellent customer service. We are well-equipped to handle your organization’s unique demands, whether you’re looking for clothes, handouts for trade events and conferences, or premium staff presents that offer a sincere word of appreciation. 

We work hard to produce excellent promotional products that are competitively priced, customized to order, and delivered on time, and we are capable of handling orders of all sizes.

Design and printing of marketing materials

For all forms of marketing collateral, Blue Bumble provides high-quality, professionally designed print services. Our print designers recognize the value of consistent branding and clever design, and they will ensure that your brand message is consistent throughout all of your marketing materials.

Blue Bumble’s customers like that we handle the entire printing process for them, making it as simple and painless as possible. Once you’ve accepted a piece and it’s ready to go to the printers, Blue Bumble will send it to you. 

Product Design & Packaging

A retail package is your final, and possibly greatest, chance to make a sale. Is your present packaging evoking the appropriate customer emotion to elicit a response? To stand out in a retail environment, you need eye-catching packaging, and we’re masters at using a number of design strategies to make that vital ‘in a glance’ connection with customers.

In a short and sweet delivery, you may explain who you are, what you do, and how consumers will benefit from your offering. Don’t get lost in the multitude of images and colors on the shelf; connect with us to see how we can transform your present packaging into a statement that will heighten awareness and promote engagement and sales at the moment of peak consideration.


If you’re in search of a company which can help you by taking care of the task of graphic design promotional materials, then our team at Blue Bumble Creative will be happy to help you out. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.