Regardless of the situation of the economy, smart businesses are always looking for methods to cut expenses and enhance profit margins. Cutting your printing expenditures is one of the simplest methods to do this. Many marketers are unfamiliar with the concept of printing for less. They recognise that print quality has a significant impact on return on investment, thus they are wary of looking for low-cost printing options.

Cutting expenses does not always imply cutting shortcuts; when used correctly, low-cost printing can help a company’s direct-marketing campaigns reach new heights. The trick is to save money without sacrificing your image.

7 Advantages of Print Marketing

Print marketing can be a great way to supplement your digital marketing efforts; in fact, many businesses rely significantly on print to promote their goods and services. Here are seven print marketing advantages to help you harness the power of printing services and market your business in a new way.

  1. Print is a physical medium. Customers can hold print marketing in their hands, unlike digital ads. Consumer decision-making is influenced by tactile factors such as paper weight and texture.
  2. Print is a mobile medium. Customers can take business cards, pamphlets, and catalogues with them on the go, allowing them to bring your message and contact information with them wherever they go.
  3. Print allows for precise targeting. You can target local geographies or demographics that match your audience demographics with direct mail marketing.
  4. It is possible to save a print. Consumers are more likely to save and contact you later if your printed materials are valuable.
  5. Print establishes credibility. When making a purchasing decision, 82 percent of Internet users trust print marketing materials, according to a survey. Print is still the most trusted form of advertising, and it provides credibility to your company.
  6. Print generates a lot of interest. Advertisers spent $167 per person on direct mail in 2015 and earned $2,095 — a 1,255 percent return, according to
  7. Print draws attention to your company. Ads abound on websites, social media platforms, and in email inboxes, to the point where many people employ ad blockers to avoid seeing them. When consumers have your printed materials in their hands, they are not distracted by competing advertisements.

Why Should You Print With Us?

That’s a ridiculous question. For many years, we have provided our consumers with high-quality, individualised printing services. The actual question is, “Why wouldn’t you print with us?” given our high-quality printing, graphic design professionals, and inexpensive prices. Blue Bumble is a leading online print manufacturing and design firm dedicated to helping consumers make their printed goods stand out from the crowd.

Blue Bumble wants to help you shine and empower you to do what you do best — build a community, grow your business, make meaningful connections, or save the world — and leave a lasting impression, whether you’re printing brochures for nonprofit organisations, business cards for your business or postcards for your startup.

Everything we do is for our customers. 

We work with you to learn about your business, anticipate your needs, and assist you in communicating in the most effective way possible. We are committed to going above and beyond your expectations. a unique image We meticulously handle your artwork with a team of specialists who are solely focused on making sure the final output is flawless. 

We are frequently able to detect and repair minor design or technical errors before our customers are even aware of them, and we do it at no cost to them.

We select the highest-quality paper available.

Understanding why paper is such an important component is the first step in selecting the right paper type for your project. Customers associate the quality of your marketing with the quality of your products and services, so a high-quality print job implies a high-quality business with high-quality products, services, and customer support – all of which influence purchasing decisions.

Our clients put their trust in us, and we deliver.

We’ll never pull a fast one on you, and we’ll always deliver on time, if not ahead of schedule. There are no hidden costs, fees, or specific requirements. You’ll know exactly where your project is at all times, right up until it’s delivered.

Print is something we are passionate about.

We are passionate about what we do. We adore what you do, and we relish the opportunity to bring your visions to reality. We love to share and promote the amazing designs our customers produce on our Blue Bumble Blog, social media channels, and promotional mailings with their permission.


Business cards are still an important marketing and networking tool in today’s high-tech, digital environment and so are other forms of print media. If you’re looking for a printing services company, then we at Blue Bumble Creative are the perfect fit for you. Give us a shot, and we won’t let you down!