Logo design and branding are truly significant. They can be overwhelming to design yet are an unquestionable requirement for any business and are the foundation of any great business brand, or even a personal brand. You need your logo design and branding to clarify what your identity is and what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. You’ll remember it for social posts, presentation decks, advertising materials, business cards and the sky’s the limit from there. That’s a lot of heavy lifting for one little graphic to do, right?

Relax, we have you covered with an entire heap of logo design tips, tricks and walkthroughs from a real logo design company (i.e. us). Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or just in need of a refresh, follow these tips and tricks to assist you with beginning and make a great logo today. And also, whether by hiring a logo design company or not is totally dependent upon your needs, your expertise and your budget.

Get the basics right

Before we get into the technical, you ought to keep these 5 themes in your mind that is, a decent logo ought to: 

  • Be attractive 
  • Be timeless 
  • Be memorable 
  • Function admirably large or small
  • Include your brand vibe 

An image paints a thousand words 

A logo is a visual portrayal of your brand, so why mention to individuals what you do in the event that you could simply show them? Utilize basic icons to impart what your identity is. 

Utilize blank space to keep your logo design clean 

You need to ensure individuals can peruse your logo in a good way, or when it’s really small – keeping it “clean” (designers mean “loads of blank space”) will accomplish this. Utilizing blank space in your logo design is likewise useful with regards to pamphlet design, banner design, shirt printing, and a lot of other advertising collateral. Your logo is simpler to incorporate consistently into various designs and formats. 

Use shapes to dismiss any fresh ideas 

Shapes are a truly extraordinary approach to make your logo stand out. This likewise assists with cross stage branding, as a “boxed in ” logo functions admirably carefully, too on letterhead, presentations, and merchandise, for example, pens or lanyards. 

Envision your logo in situations 

When designing your logo attempt to ensure you contemplate its expected uses – would you say you are hoping to utilize it on a uniform, or will it simply be for your web design? It’s likewise great to contemplate how you will advance yourself while making a logo. In case you will do a great deal of networking, make a logo that looks great on business cards. 

Coloring is key for good logo design 

Monochromatic doesn’t generally mean highly contrasting colors! In some cases highly contrasting colors can appear to be cruel on our eyes, particularly in case we’re attempting to make a sensation of Zen. You can utilize different shades of a similar shading to make subtle contrasts inside your logo. 

Be literal with your logo 

Your name is Electric Box Productions, huh? Have you thought of… putting electricity and some wires in a crate? Once in a while it truly is that simple. In the event that your name is a thing, make that thing your logo. Try not to be hesitant to incline toward the self-evident, there’s a reason that Apple’s logo is, indeed, an apple. 

Be authoritative with your logo 

Be literal, however ensure it fits your company. A few organizations, like non-profits, would want a level of seriousness that a production company or ice cream shop can get away without.

Make visual salience with a fly of colors 

Adding this little fly of colors prevents your design from feeling flat, and is a trick that designers utilize constantly. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel when designing your logo

On the off chance that it works, it works. Once in a while, your pastry shop simply needs a logo with wheat on it. Assuming it feels right to you, feel free to utilize it. View your competitors and see what their logos look like, are there any common themes or colors?

Try not to be reluctant to rejig the wheel 

It’s alright to be bold and attempt new things. Use designs, covering shapes, and differentiating tones to make an advanced logo. Try not to restrict yourself and search for the wide combinations accessible to you and afterward pick the most reasonable one for you.

So that’s all from our side, for now. We’ve tried to give you a crux of logo design and branding in this post, although we hope you might have gotten a rough idea of how to find the perfect logo for you. Also, in case you’re absolutely new to this field, we’d be happy to serve you in case you need our help. Blue Bumble Creative is not just a logo design company, but a solution to all your branding and marketing needs. You can visit our website to know more, or send our team a note; info@bluebumble.com