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Philips Rebrand Box

There were a lot of components to this, so it was an interesting challenge for us. We never say no to a challenge: marketing materials, Ping-Pong, arm wrestling, water polo. We can do literally everything. Here’s the basic run

XFINITY Communities Box

Our task was to design a box for XFINITY communities that would increase XFINITY’s presence in as many residences as possible. They wanted to WOW the building manager by following their brand standards but pushing it
Joseph's Collateral Folder

Joseph’s Bakery Media Kit

One thing we’re quite familiar with is helping companies put together presentations. In this particular case, we made folders with permanent inserts showing Joseph’s most popular items plus a pocket for reps to add in
Pediatrics West Collateral Brochure

Pediatrics West Brochure

Pediatrics West request was simple, but because we’re not slackers, we went all in. They wanted a new brochure that listed all of their office personnel. We created and printed a new quad-fold brochure and maintained it as
Westford Regency Collateral Rackcards

Westford Regency Rackcards

This one was textbook Blue Bumble. The client was looking to have a double-sided handout for potential and current guests of the hotel. Easy. They wanted to include nearby attractions, hotel services and amenities, and a map with

New England Tennis Brochure

The client came to Blue Bumble after reviewing our website and loving the work on our site. The wanted to have information on their tennis programs readily available to email or hand out to prospects. We came up with the idea of