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Letter to Santa Claus

Downloadable Content

Santa! Santa’s coming! We know him! We know him! But before he comes, he sort of needs to know what we want…

Does your child need help filling out his or her letter to Santa this year? Maybe they can’t decide on what to write or what to focus on. After all, a letter to the big man can be a lot of pressure. Don’t worry; we can help.

Our letter to Santa has everything already set up and ready to go. All your child has to do is fill in the blanks. Bonus: This download is helpful for parents too! It helps you find out what the most important item on your child’s list is and it doesn’t give them enough room to ask for the world (those hand-written multiple-page lists can be loooooong).

So hurry and download this letter template today! It’ll be sure to make your child smile, and smiling is our favorite 🙂