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Elf on a Shelf Calendar

Downloadable Content

The elf is back.

When he first arrived it was fun moving him from spot to spot, setting up different creative scenarios for him to be in when the kids woke up… But now we know better. The fun that we once had has now become a chore that stresses us out. We have to make sure he doesn’t go back in a spot that he’s gone before, but we’re running out of ideas!

Thankfully this year you can download a calendar from Blue Bumble that does all of the planning for you. This thing has ideas for every night between November 27th to December 24th. Finally, the elf can be fun again!

Between buying and wrapping presents, decorating the house and planning the get-togethers, you’ve got enough going on. All you need to do is click the download button below, and you’ll have one less thing hanging over your head. Talk about a happy holiday!